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Christy and Roger met at undergraduate study in Old Lyme, CT at the now LymeAcademy College of Fine Arts. After Roger graduated with his BFA, the pair moved to Minneapolis, MN so that Roger could pursue his MFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Roger and Christy spent three great years exploring art and the arts community and taking advantage of cheap Major League Baseball games at the Metrodome to see the Minnesota Twins.


As Roger was finishing his MFA, Christy was preparing for her entry into post-graduate life, as well as into motherhood. In July of 2002, they packed a moving truck, a pickup and a VW Golf III full of their stuff and headed back East, where Christy was to begin her MFA pursuit at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Since Christy's graduation in 2005, both Roger and Christy pursued teaching opportunities before settling into the idea of creating "Home". By the time their son started kindergarten, the pair immersed themselves into their new community of Easthamtpon, MA and have concentrated on local exposure. Aside from the local opportunites, each has been asked to show their work across the country as well as across the Atlantic Ocean. Roger often shows in San Francisco at the Krevsky Gallery. He has also been covered by Major League Baseball for his baseball painting series. Christy has been on the cover of a local magazine which focusses on the Connecticut River Valley and has exhibited in Cameroon, Africa. Most recently, Roger was asked by the US Department of State to show a baseball painting at the US Embassy in Panama City, Panama for the Arts in Embassies program. 


While the two do work full time as well as cart their teenager around, they manage to eek out some new work from time to time. And, so does the third member of their household, Cole. Feel free to peruse the pages to see some of the creations that have come out of the Patricks' "Home" over the years. Enjoy!


Roger's CV


Christy's CV


Works by Cole

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